About 8 years ago we were on the hunt for a weekender bag that was stylish, durable, and ethically made.

Something we could take on quick weekend trips, to the office, even to the gym.

A travel bag for me and women that was exceptionally made, and exceptionally priced.

Turns out there was nothing out there in our price range, so it became our passion to build the most affordable luxury weekender bag using real, eco-conscious raw materials, while highlighting traditional local craftsmanship.

We started with luxurious wool which we source from a family-run mill in Italy.

We discovered vegetable tanned leather, a process of tanning hides that was natural and chemical-free.

Finally, we found a local family-run workshop in Toronto to help bring our vision to life.

Those three ingredients became the focal point of what Monte & Coe would become - a luxury travel essentials brand that had a responsible supply chain.

Now we are on an adventure of becoming a globally recognized brand while maintaining our initial goal of creating exceptional travel products and selling them without the markup that other luxury brands charge.

We couldn't be more thrilled that you are a part of our journey!

The World's Most Affordable Luxury Weekender