Wool has always been at the core of our designs. Its luxurious aesthetic, soft touch and durable qualities are the perfect trio for our weekender bags and other travel essentials.

Natural, Sustainable, Biodegradable

Wool is a naturally made protein fibre created in the skin of sheep.

Unlike synthetics which are industrially produced from non-renewable fossil energy, wool is a natural fibre grown year-round by sheep, consuming a simple blend of natural ingredients including sunshine, water, fresh air and grass.

Wool takes a short time to decompose when returned to the soil, releasing valuable nutrients into the earth through the bio-degradation process.


In no way, shape, or form are sheep hurt or harmed during the wool removal process.

In fact, shearing, the process of removing wool is entirely animal-friendly.

Shearing is required to prevent overheating of sheep, as well as for the health and hygiene of each individual animal.

Durability & Care

Wool fibers are able to be bent back on themselves over 20,000 times without breaking. Due to its crimped structure, wool is naturally elastic and therefore resistant to ripping and tearing. In comparison, cotton breaks after 3,200 bends and silk after 1,800 bends.

The protective waxy coating born naturally on wool fibres makes wool products resistant to staining and easy to lift out soiling. They also pick up less dust and dirt as wool is naturally anti-static.

A quick spot clean with your favorite household dish soap and your good as new!